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Bringing Lawn Care To Your Door Step!

Do you want a gorgeous lawn that will have your neighbors talking? Let us introduce you to FertilizerDelivery.com, a do it yourself lawn care program based out of the Greater Kansas City Area. FertilizerDelivery.com takes the guesswork out of which fertilizer to buy and when to apply. Simply put…“We Supply You Apply!”

We will deliver each professional grade fertilizer application to your home the week that it needs to be applied to your lawn. No more endless trips to the hardware store. With FREE delivery, FertilizerDelivery.com has made lawn care quick, convenient and affordable. Just click the button below and make your lawn the talk of the neighborhood.

So why did we start FertilizerDelivery.com and why the no-frills name?


In the Beginning . . .

Every homeowner has that never ending to-do list of home projects. On that list each year you may have written, “I want a better, greener, softer, more beautiful lawn than last year.” So spring turns the corner, the days warm up, the sun begins to shine and homeowners head off to the hardware store to research and purchase all the products necessary to achieve that gorgeous lawn. If you’re anything like the average homeowner, the longer you stand in the lawn care aisle studying the various products, the more confused, discouraged and unmotivated you may become.

Well, homeowner and entrepreneur, John Berwald, was no stranger to this yearly activity. With years of experience in lawn and landscape, friends and customers would continually ask the same questions about their lawn care. While standing in that aisle researching new products and listening to customers questions and sometimes even hearing incomplete and/or inaccurate information being given, John realized he had stumbled upon a unique opportunity—an opportunity to eliminate the hassles of yearly lawn care by providing quality products with impeccable door to door service. So, armed with knowledge, experience, support, determination, perseverance and faith, John set out to make this opportunity and his vision a reality. And today, we call that vision … FertilizerDelivery.com.

OK, so why the no-frills name? It’s a simple process and a simple application for you – we want it to be no-frills so you can get it and get it done!


So, that’s who we are . . . let’s get started on your lawn!