Fall Application

This application contains a slow release fertilizer to allow your yard to repair itself from the damage caused by the summer heat. Fertilizers that do not contain slow release will cause severe burn to a yard when air temperatures are above 75 degrees. FertilizerDelivery.com monitors and controls each application as if your lawn was our golf course. The Fall application is one of the easiest applications to apply but one of the most important. Late season nitrogen fertilization, sometimes referred to as fall fertilization, has been utilized by turf managers for years. This type of fertility program involves the application of much of the season’s nitrogen during the late season months of September through December. It is important that late season fertilization not be confused with dormant and/or winter fertilization. The latter method implies that fertilizer applications are made after the turf has lost most or all of its green color and is not actively growing. This differs notably from the “late- season concept”, which requires that nitrogen be applied before the turf loses its green color in the late fall.

Late-season fertilization has become popular because many of the agronomic and aesthetic advantages attributed to its use supposedly are not realized when mostly spring and/or summer fertilization are practiced. Purported advantages of the late season concept include: better fall and winter color; earlier spring green-up; increased shoot density; improved fall, winter, and spring root growth; and enhanced storage of energy reserves (carbohydrates) within the turf plant. This application for the Greater Kansas City area will be delivered around mid-September. Consider FertilizerDelivery.com your personal Golf Course Superintendent for your lawn.