Spring Application

This application contains fertilizer along with a broadleaf herbicide. Everything FertilizerDelivery.com does is weather sensitive not time sensitive. Meaning, you will receive this application as dandelions are beginning to form in your lawn. Consider FertilizerDelivery.com your personal Golf Course Superintendent for your lawn.

What are Broadleaf herbicides? Broadleaf herbicides are designed for application on actively growing young weeds. The most common broadleaf weeds are dandelions and clover. This chemical has to reach the leaf portion on the plant to be absorbs for activation. FertilizerDelivery.com supplies a granule broadleaf weed control that needs to be applied when the grass is damp or has moisture on it. This allows the granule to stick to the leaf so the active ingredient will be absorbed. After this application has been applied, a liquid spot spray is best to control individual weeds. Example- Fill a spray bottle with broadleaf weed killer per directions. When you mow over a broadleaf weed, give them a spray.

FertilizerDelivery.com will currently deliver the broadleaf herbicide Surge. Surge herbicide with fertilizer will arrive 30 to 40 days after the Early Spring Pre-emergent application with air temperatures above 70 degrees.

Technical Data from the manufacturer: