Winter Application

As your lawn browns and goes dormant for the winter, it might seem like the last thing it needs is a dose of winter fertilizer. Yet when you fertilize for the winter, you give your turf a head start for the following season, as the nutrients are stored in the roots and are immediately accessible once it begins to warm. Winter fertilization is a process of feeding a lawn that has lost most if not all of its color and is no longer actively growing; this is a different fertilizing step than that done in early fall, when the lawn is still active.

When you take time to fertilize your lawn in late fall before the onset of winter, what you are essentially doing is strengthening the grass roots, giving them a solid base for next spring. Anything that’s not utilized right away is instead absorbed by the roots and stored there over the winter. Winter fertilizer has also been shown to improve cold tolerance, making your grass much more durable when faced with freezing temperatures and harsh snows.

In the long-term, winter fertilizer is the most important part of maintaining a healthy, vibrant lawn. will provide your lawn with what it needs for the harsh winter and rigors of spring, you can ensure that your lawn will be healthier and more beautiful for seasons to come.